Aloe Juice

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Aloe juice can be found in main stream supermarkets and in abudance in health food stores and oriental markets.

Aloe vera juice benefits are becoming more mainstream and the variety of available aloe vera juice flavors are increasing.

Aloe Vera is known as the 'Miracle Plant' and is known to most people as being an excellent healing aid with respect to skin irritations such as insect bites - mosquitos - and for scraps and minor skin wounds and especially for its ability to take the sting out of a burn of any kind (including sun burn) and promoting fast healing of skin wounds and burns.

The aloe vera we are referring to is the gelly or aloe gel that is a gooey substance found inside the plump leaves of the aloe vera plant.

This same 'gooey substance' is used to make health drinks and aloe vera juice, water and gel. It is said to promote health from within - readily absorbed into our systems and providing an array of great health benefits including:

  • improved digestion
  • improved colon health
  • reduced inflammation
  • improved mobility
  • arthritis pain relief
  • improved overall health
  • Aloe juice is an overall health tonic and the short list above is just a few of the items that drinking aloe vera juice has been said to improve or treat. It seems to have different affects on different people and is also a tremendous immune system boost - studies are being done to determine the internal benefits of aloe vera juice or gel for those suffering with HIV. The studies are ongoing.

    Aloe Juice & Cancer Therapy

    There are several ongoing studies that are exploring claims that aloe vera can help to reduce the size of certain types of tumors. Aloe vera has been shown in one study to cause apoptosis in cancer cells. What does aptosis mean? Well, shockingly, here is the definition of cell apoptosis:

    Source: Wikipedia Apoptosis ( /ˌæpəˈtoʊsɪs/)[1][2] is the process of programmed cell death (PCD) that may occur in multicellular organisms.[3] Biochemical events lead to characteristic cell changes (morphology) and death. These changes include blebbing, cell shrinkage, nuclear fragmentation, chromatin condensation, and chromosomal DNA fragmentation. (See also Apoptosis DNA fragmentation.) Unlike necrosis, apoptosis produces cell fragments called apoptotic bodies that phagocytic cells are able to engulf and quickly remove before the contents of the cell can spill out onto surrounding cells and cause damage

    This is intself is a reason to drink aloe juice. There are further studies ongoing as to the type of aloe vera varieties that can cause cancer cell apoptosis, and the quantity of the aloe vera gel that is to be consumed. We are watching for further updates on clinical research and studies into the association of using aloe vera juice and aloe vera gel internally to benefit those suffering from certain types of cancers.

    As studies are ongoing, we look to aloe vera to provide us with a health tonic. Which it clearly is able to do based on medical research. Improved circulation, stomach and digestive function, a kind of 'wash' for your insides so to speak. Drinking aloe juice on a regular basis can provide an wide array of health benefits, most which have yet to be scientifically proven, but you can benefit from with a regular daily does of aloe vera juice.

    I hope you found this article interesting and will embrace the health benefits that aloe juice may be able to provide you as a health tonic. Aloe vera juice can be found as a concentrated gel - which is mixed with other juices and smoothies, or as a diluted aloe vera beverage. We suggest you purchase the concentrate and mix your own juices and drinks to obtain the highest quality aloe vera at the best price per drink or beverage consumed.

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