Aloe Vera for Gum Disease

Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe vera for gum disease treatment is not something new, but it is a more holistic approach to treating gum problems.

If you have found this page, you are perhaps suffering from a form of gum disease, swollen red gums, bleeding from the gums, infection, overall poor gum health.

It is important to have healthy gums, and problems with your gums can cause other health issues.

There are several published research articles, and many dentists and specialists do promote the use of aloe vera and aloe vera toothpaste to increase your over all gum health.

Aloe vera is a very powerful and strong antiseptic. When this antiseptic is brushed into your gums and around your teeth, it is very beneficial as it can reduce and eliminate bacteria, virus, and all the bad stuff around our teeth on on our gums surface.

When we think about the internal and topical application of aloe vera to our gums and teeth there are many benefits that can be derived.

Aloe vera is anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral. It is also absorbed direct into the gums, providing a small amount of pain relief, as well as reduced swelling and inflammation along with improved gum health the longer you continue to use aloe vera gels and tooth pastes to benefit from healthy gums.

Gingivitis and periodontal disease are two of the specific gum problems that aloe vera has been proven to be effective in treating. The aloe is not masking the problem or symptoms, but actually working hard to clear up infection, bacterial and combat any virus you may have.

Cold sores, or cracks at the edge of our mouths can also be treated with aloe vera gel. Herpes simplex and herpes zolstar are both viral conditions that aloe has proven effective in treating.

Aloe Vera for Gum Disease Treatment

Aloe vera use in dentistry is not new, as I mentioned, but if you are suffering with gum disease, it will improve your overall gum health.

It is also an excellent product for treating mouth sores and inflammation caused by dentures. Daily denture wear can really irritate gums, cause sores, swelling and pain.

Aloe vera gel applied topically to the gums can help with all of the symptoms above. It will promote healing of the gum tissue, and reduce swelling and pain.

It is often difficult to heal sores in our mouths, so if you have a mouth sore, rinsing and / or applying aloe vera topically to the area is a great idea. This will prevent infection and promote the healing of the tissue.

There are several aloe based toothpastes, toothgels, and topical aloe that can be used to treat your gums. I hope you found this article useful.

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