Aloe Vera Gelly

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

There are a number of different uses for Aloe Vera gelly including hair care, skin care and internally taking the aloe gelly.

In today’s society, the number of harsh chemicals that have been included in shampoos and other hair care products has done a great deal of damage to people’s hair. Regular treatment with Aloe Vera shampoo can help fix the hair problems that most people have suffered. In some cases, even those with hair loss problems or thinning hair can enjoy a great benefit by applying a daily regimen of aloe gelly to the roots of the scalp and hair follicles. We have a great article and you are able to purchase aloe shampoo right from our site. You can read more about Aloe Vera for Hair here.

Aloe Gelly Uses

Aloe Gelly

Beyond thinning hair or hair loss, aloe gelly can help with things like seborrhea, dandruff, and psoriasis as well. For dandruff and psoriasis, aloe gelly helps to moisturize the scalp and hold the moisture in. Moisturizing the scalp helps keep the scalp from becoming too dry, and as a result you get less flaking and a healthy scalp. The gelly found in aloe vera has naturally occurring anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities that will help to keep other skin related problems from arising on the scalp.

More topical Aloe Uses

Aloe Vera gel is also used topically on other areas of the body. Again, the moisturizing effects of the gelly will help those who normally have dry skin. Another benefit of aloe Vera gelly is as a medicine of sorts, it can relieve pain and prevent infection.

In addition to being used as a topical anesthetic for burns, it can also be applied to minor cuts, insect bites, rash, blisters, sun burn, and even cold sores. One of the reasons it is so widely used on burns has to do with the moisturizing effect. By keeping the skin hydrated, it allows for a more rapid healing process as well as keeping the skin elastic instead of dry.

Aloe Gel as a Moisturizer

Anit Aging and Aloe Vera

The ability to moisturize has made aloe Vera a popular ingredient in skin creams and soaps. It helps to reduce unsightly blemishes like pimples, crow’s feet, eczema, and even age lines on the face and hands. It is very seldom that people have adverse reactions to aloe vera products, even those with sensitive skin have the ability to use aloe based products without incident.

When combined with other ingredients, the gelly has even been known to help heal bruises faster than normal. The gelly is taken from the aloe Vera plant stalks. When a stalk is broken off from the main plant, the interior of it contains the gelly. The cellular structure of the gelly helps it to retain water to be used by the plant later. This aspect of the plant helps it to survive in hot arid climates. While it can be grown in tropical climates, it is more often than not, cultivated by private individuals to be used as a topical medicine for cuts and burns. Aloe Vera's reputation for its ability to help with hair, cuts and burns, and skin miniaturization reach far back into history. The plants medicinal qualities in other aspects when ingested are still be researched today.

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