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We get questions about aloe vera water and so I decided to write this article to explain the differences between what is being marketed as 'water' containing aloe and other types of aloe vera drinks.

What is Aloe Water?

Aloe water has become quite a popular drink, you can find it in your grocery and local markets in the to go section with other waters and beverages. You can expect to pay quite a price for Aloe infused water. Locally, I can expect to pay $2 for a one size serving of aloe infused water. There are some great flavors, like blueberry - which I do love. This is a great alternative to a choice of pop or soda.

Most of the aloe infused waters are coming out of the Asia's. It is a very popular drink in Asia. I do love the fact that these products do quench thirst. This is because of the electrolytes that are naturally contained in the aloe vera plant.

It is like natures version of gatorade or powerade. Given a choice between these and aloe, I would choose the aloe product.

There is also increased energy that can be had, but overall aloe vera water can have many additives, and very little aloe.

How Much Aloe Vera to Drink?

If you are looking to improve your overall health and wellness, you should go straight for the aloe vera gel drinks. This is more like a concentrate. And to be honest, you would have to drink many bottles of aloe water to make up just on serving of aloe gel.

Aloe vera gel, is a pure aloe vera product that has been stabilized. We offer it for sale through our aloe products section of the site and you can be assured that you are getting pure stabilized aloe vera. The health difference between the aloe water and the gel is substantial.

The water   can appear to have aloe floating through the beverage for the most part. If you shake it, you can see it floating and taste the chunks. (Which I do love). But, it is not necessarily stabilized. Like many products that come from other parts of the world, the do not use a process to ensure that the aloe does not break down and lose its nutritional value.

This is one of the reasons I now make my own aloe vera water! Here is my recipe!!

Aloe Vera Water Recipe

How To Make Aloe Water

  • 8 ounces of distilled water
  • 2 ounces of aloe vera gel

  • Just a simple good stir, and put this in a water bottle and I am set to go!!

    Considering that a typical aloe infused water sells for $2 this actually saves you over 35% on the cost as well.

    Plus you can flavor it as you like by adding a little juice to the mix.

    This is my standard aloe vera infused water recipe, and I hope you enjoy using it.

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