Can drinking Aloe Vera Increase Energy?

by Mandy

Hi there,
I really enjoyed your website! But I am a little skeptical and hoping that you can provide me with some more information about aloe vera juice.

I want to try it and have a couple of questions -

First does drinking aloe vera actually increase your energy level? I have a long work day and find that by 2pm I need a boost! I don't like drinking tea or coffee at this time of day because it is really affecting my ability to get to sleep at night.(but I really feel like I need it!). So, I am looking for something caffeine free to replace my afternoon coffee fix.

Also, I am in the US, so where can I get the best quality aloe vera juice if I decide to give it a try.


Hi Mandy,
Thanks for your question about aloe vera juice and increased energy. Happy to provide you a little more information. Aloe vera juices from our affiliates are caffeine free - you need to be careful as some commercially produced aloe drinks do actually contain caffeine based products.

Naturally, aloe vera is an energizer - so you will get the mid day boost to energy levels you are looking for, but it is different than drinking coffee or tea. There is no crash as the aloe is absorbed into your system. It is gradual and long lasting without affecting your sleep.

We recommend that you buy your aloe juice from reputable source- You can get the link to our shopping page by visiting Our Products Page.

I hope I have convinced you to give it a try as increased energy is just one of the many things that aloe vera can provide. I think you will find an overall increase to your wellness.

Thanks for asking and good luck.


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