Eating Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Eating Aloe Vera

Man has eaten a number of different things throughout the years. The lotus is one of the many revered plants that have been respected and separated from typical foods. Aloe may never have reached the status of being considered a food of the gods, but that has not stopped man from investigating it and protecting the knowledge of its medicinal properties. Used by the Egyptians, Romans and other historical cultures aloe vera is renown as a herbal remedy and a fountain of youth herb.

Eating Aloe Vera

Eating or drinking Aloe Vera is not something that everyone does. Most people are more familiar with using the cream from the plant as a topical application. A number of people may even use products that contain some ingredient from the plant. There are some that find eating Aloe supplies them with the benefits that they are hoping for though. The result is that this practice of eating aloe gel is now part of many people's health practices. There are many new people that are finding the process of drinking aloe Vera for the first time as well. As they determine if the process is right for them, a new group is being introduced to something that has existed for some time. aloe juice As with any new treatment you should consult your doctor before eating or drinking Aloe Vera juice or gel. There are some risks involved. The plant is known to work as a laxative. This can result in imbalances in the body. Consider this prior to eating or drinking Aloe Vera or using any sort of laxative. Similarly there may be concerns regarding interaction with other medications. The usual oral preparations are processed specifically to be eaten. This is an important part of safety, even with plants that seem to be harmless. Our supplier, is one of the oldest aloe suppliers still on the market. It is a superior aloe product that has been sold and consumed safely for over 30 years.

While there are some possible benefits to eating or consuming Aloe Vera, the FDA has no established findings regarding safety. As a result aloe was ordered to be removed from all medications. It can still be found in topical treatments and other non-medication products. It is not unusual for the FDA to disregard a powerful herb such as aloe. Aloe vera threatens the pharmacutical industry and as such, there is no money set aside for clinical study on a 100% natural product that can not be patented.

Eating Aloe Vera is a personal choice and you should get all the information that you can and make a wise choice. There may be no wrong or right answer in your situation. However, in many cases there may be an approved drug that can provide the same benefits, but it is a drug as opposed to a natural treatment. This can help to increase the level of safety in your treatment. It can also help you and your physician to better plan any additional aspects of your treatment. This is related to the possibility of interaction between treatments. Aloe is known to cause negative reactions when used with other substances, but since it is not officially a drug there is the chance that some treatments may not have looked at possible interactions with aloe. Similarly, your pharmacist may have no knowledge of your aloe use. This is why it is important to inform your doctor and pharmacist of all treatments whether they are prescription or not.

Understanding you and your aloe vera therapy can help you to select a well thought out health program. Improper use of plants or uneducated use can result in little benefit, or in some cases negative outcomes. These considerations are present with the use of aloe vera both topically and orally.

Buying Aloe Vera Products

This article should have made you aware of the potential hazards of aloe vera. You should only purchase top quality aloe, visit our aloe products page for shopping. If you are considering eating aloe vera, you will find some excellent aloe vera juices for consumption.

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