How Aloe Fights Cancer

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I am really excited to write this article entitled How Aloe Fights Cancer.

There are many herbal and medical reports on how different types of treatment are useful in treating cancer, and sometimes in curing it.

I have been doing research into this area, and have been pleased to find many medical and clinical studies that support the fact that aloe vera can help fight and be used to compliment other cancer treatments. I won't call it a cure, but once you read this article you will have a better basic understanding of how aloe vera fights cancer. From that you will be able to form your own opinion.

Facts about How Aloe Fights Cancer

It is New Years eve today, and I have been researching the health benefits of aloe vera and aloe vera juice and products. It is the time of year of hope with the birth of a new year coming in just a few short hours. I have been astonished at the variety of ailments and conditions that aloe vera can help with. This is indeed a herbal medicine for all the ages of time.

Cancer is one of the most difficult of conditions that we can face. Most of us have been touched by this disease with friends and family, and many of us have lost family members to a form of cancer over the years.

We are aware of Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments and how they weaken our immune systems. To me, I simply link Chemotherapy to poison, and I suppose it really is. Not only are our bodies taken over by cancer cells, but we then undergo chemo and further weaken our systems in an effort to destroy the cancer cells.

This is where aloe vera steps in and takes its place. Aloe vera in cancer treatment works for one simple reason. There is a substance within the leaves of the aloe vera plant that actually seeks out and kills the cancer cells within our body. It has been proven and there are several clinical studies supporting this. This substance is called 'aloe-emodin' and it works through a medical process called apoptosis. The word aposptosis intrigued me today, so I looked up the definition.

Apopstosis is defined by as :

is the process of programmed cell death (PCD) that may occur in multicellular organisms. Biochemical events lead to characteristic cell changes (morphology) and death

I find it fascinating that the research shows that aloe-emodin will cause cancer cell death by apopstosis and leave healthy cells to be.

This is the fundamental reason that aloe vera is effective in cancer treatment.

2 Other Functions of Aloe Vera on Cancer Patients

How Aloe Fights Cancer

Aloe vera will naturally boost your body's own immune system. This is a critical component when undergoing Chemotherapy and when trying to fight this disease. Aloe vera can assist in stimulating your bodies white blood cells and T-cells which seek out and destroy cancer cells as our bodies own defence mechanism.

International Immunopharmacology published a research study that was done in 1995. The study gave evidence that aloe polysaccharides are the secret of its potent macrophage activity that kills cancer cells. There are substances within aloe vera, including the substance lectin that will stimulate the production of macrophages in our bodies. These macrophages will attack foreign cells, including cancer within our bodies. Aloe vera also will assist the body in producting and releasing interferons, interleukines creating the death of the cancer cells.

All of this occurs from the boost that aloe vera provides to our immune systems, and the stimulation of our bodies own built in defenses to fight cancer and other diseases.

Lastly, there is clinical evidence that consuming aloe vera juice can improve the effectiveness of standard cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment. The substances within the aloe vera make these drugs more effective at irradicating the cancer cells and improve your chances of becoming cancer free.

I just find all of this amazing, and am stunned that more people do not drink aloe vera juice as a cancer preventitive, and it is not used more in standard medical treatment of cancer.

Please share How Aloe Fights Cancer article with friends and family, if it helps even one person, I will be blessed. You can buy the pure aloe vera gel as a preventitive and increase your health on the right of this page.

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